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This one has been a long time coming. I wrote these reflections of life and nature over the years, in bits and pieces, and finally put them together as a book. A lot of people think there is no nature in a big city like Mumbai. There is plenty if you look for it and I have been looking all my life. The seasons are unlike any other and that makes them interesting.

Here is a world of dogs and cats, trees, birds, and coffee shops in Mumbai. It is the world I see. Perhaps you will like it too.









These endearing and delightful sketches will give you a most unusual look at the life of a big city.

Have you always wanted to know how not to talk crow, or how to think like a dog or walk into a wall of grass? Have you secretly desired to experience Mumbai’s most beautiful visitors or hide under a table with your whole family? If you pit a squirrel against the education system who will win? Don’t worry, it has a happy ending.

Here is a whole world of lonely Black Kites, dissatisfied visitors, telepathic dogs, giggling Peepals, lucky black cats, gaudy birds, a soundwave of sparrows, independent minded trees and cats who hate the rain. And much more.

Enter at your own risk. Take this journey into a world you did not dream existed.

The Chapters –

The Fields of Mumbai

In the Days Before Licenses

The Fairest of Visitors

As Gaudy as Possible

A Squirrel vs the Education System

Luck Comes in Black

How Not to Choose a Puppy

Love and Light

The Fine and Delicate Art of Intimidation

This is How it’s Done

Of Lovers, Coffins and Kittens

Walking Between Two Worlds

Alarms, Tall Grasses and Telepathy

Who is the Villain?

Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

Filter Coffee, Wada Pav

How Not to Speak Crow

In Memory of Trees

A Roof Full of Sparrows

A Bowstring of Honeybees

Mayflowers and Mangoes

Now Comes the King

One Tree Autumn

A Tickle of Winter

How to Hide Under a Table