About Me

I am a writer living in Mumbai, India.

I have been writing for a very long time, poetry, fiction and non fiction. My articles have appeared in websites like Rediff.com, and newspapers like the Times of India and national magazines like New Woman.

This is my writing, poetry and fiction website where I write about writing and post links to my published work.

All the photos and artwork on this blog are mine and created by me.

My general blog about my life, photos, non fiction and travel is  rohinigupta.wordpress.com

My email : writingdays@gmail.com

profile 3

My name seems to be quite common. There are others writing with my name, but if its not listed on this page its probably not by me. I have not written any reviews.

Here are some online links to my work.

Amazon.com author page

Amazon.in author page


Published books :


Lady of the Tree

a haunting fantasy short story.

She is the spirit of the tree, the last of her kind. She stayed to help humanity but she has stayed too late. Now she is marooned in an uncaring world. When they come to destroy her, how will she survive?









Women in the Desperate Age of Kali

The ancients thought the last age of the world, the dark and desperate Kali yuga, our present age, was the worst and most frightening of the four ages.

I think Kali yuga is the very best age for women.

This is a book like no other. His-story is usually male centric but this short book looks at her-story, the world of women over the centuries, from the matriarchies in ancient times to the freedom of today.

Take a journey into the world of her-story, learn where the customs, like marriage, came from, find out why they feared Kali yuga, what they foresaw for it and what both men and women can do to make this the best age of all.



whiskers and purrs 3

whiskers and purrs, a book of cat haiku

Available as an ebook on Amazon.




Handfulofrice - smallA Handful of Rice is an ebook on the Amazon Kindle store.

Click the cover to go to Amazon.in.

Also on




edited kindle - small

To Catch a Falling Star  published as an ebook.

24 stories, 14 articles on writing. Notes on all the stories, some of which are published and many unpublished. Do take a look.

Available from –

Amazon.in       Amazon.com     Amazon.uk

Kobo       ibooks      Google play      Rockstand


Mantramala, published 2010 by Dronequill publishers in print format.

About the book, Mantramala :

Mantramala, the book.  –  details of the book.

Writing Mantramala – the experience of writing it.

Reviews of Mantramala

Misconceptions about mantras – blog post on mantras


Books of poetry – now out of print

Karna and other poems published by Writers Workshop, Calcutta. Now out of print.

Five Farces, a book of poems also published by Writer’s Workshop. Now out of print.

My world of fantasy, a child’s poems, now out of print.


Interview for the Best story of the month, January 2014


A Muse's TaleWhy do They Lie to Me podcast audio

Other online articles :

Mandala Therapy, anger management, article for the Times of India

Pranayama to beat the heat also on the Times of India

Wrote articles for the Times of India, New Woman magazine and Rediff.com and Mandala magazine.


Organiser,  Shamaina Festival

A 10 day arts festival in Mumbai, 2008.


Research Consultant for Sambhav Kya TV show.



Have not been publishing much poetry lately. The links to the few I did publish.

words from stars, a short poem

dusk in the city, a short poem

dusk, a short poem


 Literary Workshops

Storyteller, workshop on writing the short story at Shamiana ten day arts festival, Mumbai

Workshop on the Magic of Haiku, at the National Centre of Performing Arts, Mumbai, 2010.

Haiku and Flash Fiction workshops for Books and Beyond Literary Festival, Mumbai, 2013.

Mini Literary Festival ScheduleHaiku workshop at Sophia college and St Xavier’s college, Mumbai.

Haiku workshopA Flash of Lightning, a Flash fiction workshop at Literature Live 2014, Mumbai.

a flash of lightning - red - small

I was the judge of the Autumn Rain Haiku contest and The Pages Flash Fiction contest organized by Literature Live Literary Festival at the National Center of Performing Arts, 2014.



Editor, World Haiku Review


My haiku has been published in Heron’s Nest, World Haiku Review, Bottlerockets, Mainichi Daily, Muse India and Chrysanthemum.

Some Haiku are here :

World Haiku Club Award

Toshiko Award Haiku 

Haiku on the topic ‘Death of one’s Beloved’

One of my haiku was included in the Best of 2011 by Mainichi Daily.

Also in the Best of 2013.

My Haiku was included in the First Katha book of Haiku anthology.

first katha haiku book cover-horz2


and some Haiku with photographs – Haiga :

From the Desk of the Editors

Six Haiga – From the Editors Desk

(Haiga are photos with a haiku – one thumbnail is below)


Haiku Listing in the Haiku foundation



Renku is a form of collaborative poetry.

Floating on the Wind, a Triparshva renku.

In Thanal online website

A Yotsumono, a renku between two people.

In Sketchbook

Entwined in Ivy, a Rokku

In Notes for the Gean

Other Renku published in the Journal of Renga and Renku, issue 1 and 2.


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