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Announcing the book release of a big anthology.

This is a big one and has been a decade in the making. This is our ten year anniversary celebration – gleaning the very best haiku from ten years and twenty five issues of World Haiku Review into an anthology. Poets from all over the world.

The name Fuga No Makoto means poetic truth and simplicity.

It’s both a celebration and a lot of hard work. I have enjoyed reading all the poems again and spending time with poems from countries i know little about.

I am still working at the huge and painstaking job of putting the book together. Which involves putting the file together, editing, formatting, creating the cover and eventually, uploading. Its more work than I expected but satisfying at the end of it. It is taking shape slowly but surely. Soon, soon ….

So, the World Haiku Review will begin 2019 with its first book. Some really excellent poetry from some of the best poets in the field. I am sure this anthology will be a great addition to the field.

It will be available by the 1st of February as an ebook on Amazon. Print copies may come later, also on Amazon. And later in the year there will be a second volume, collecting the prose, the articles and editorials of those ten years.

Do look and if you are in Pune, see you there.