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My favourite literary festival is the biggest of them all, the Kumbh of literary festivals – Jaipur lit fest. I have attended it in Jaipur, once spending all five days there. If it was closer I would go every year.

One of the advantages of living in a city as big as Mumbai is that everything comes to you eventually! Last year, JLF started an opener in Mumbai.

I went again this year for cheerful Kutch musicians and a talk by William Dalyrumple on how it grew from about 10 people to an astounding half a million this year.

The big even was a discussion on the Me Too movement which has been raging for a while. The panel was all women and some who were deeply affected by predatory and powerful men. A delightful evening.

I will miss Jlf this year – too much work to finish, too much to do and very little time. but I will catch up on the videos as I do every year. And go to the Mumbai lit fests, of course.