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My latest book is up. A book of tiny meditations to relax and de-stress you. Just published and available as a ebook on Amazon.

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46 little meditations which take no more than five minutes of your time. The powerful visualizations will keep your mind happily occupied. Take a quick and relaxing meditation break with your coffee break.

You can get it here –




I had a lot of fun writing this book and years of work have gone into it. The meditations have been developed by working with groups over a couple of decades. Trial and error until I found the ones which worked the best. I had the scattered notes over the years. I put them together and added a few new ones for this book. My classes may recognize a few, but not all of them.

I had fun doing the cover too. I knew I wanted a flower and at first I tried a sunflower. Just a few yellow petals, but it did not work. Finally I decided on this rare flower – and a favorite of mine – the blue Himalayan poppy. It seemed to symbolize the magic and the delight which I hope the meditations will bring you.

Here is a sample meditation so you can see what they are like.

The Valley of the Flowers

Create your own Valley of the Flowers, just like the one in the Himalayas where there are flowers as far as the eye can see. You can have that too – in your mind.

Look around your room and imagine it full of flowers. Turn your sofa into a row of flowerbeds. Let roses bloom or add a pool of blue lotuses. Let the walls dissolve into a field of sunflowers.

Visualise your favourite flowers growing all around you. Look at the brilliant colours and shapes. Inhale the wonderful perfume.

In the mind you have no restrictions at all. Seasons and species do not count. All species can grow side by side and bloom around the year. Space is not a constraint either, even if you are in a very tiny room. It can blossom into a vast garden in your mind.

Every species can bloom together. Lotuses can bloom on land and poppies can sprout from water. You can have a carpet of marigold or a mountain of lilies. Mayflower can have orchid petals. Anything goes and these flowers never go out of bloom.

Be lavish and be creative. Enjoy the Valley of the Flowers right there around you anytime you like. Challenge yourself every time to create more and more wonderful flowers and more exciting and beautiful vistas.


This is a very cheerful little visualisation which you can use any time life seems grey. Give yourself a boost by imagining the flowers. The more you let your imagination go, the more happiness this meditation can bring you.

Become a child again and just lose yourself in a fabulous world of flowers.