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There’s something about cats and something about haiku. Both are sleek and minimalistic, moving with fluid grace and without an ounce of extra fat or bloated syllables – usually……..”

Having a lived a lifetime with cats and having spent the last decade with haiku as a poet, reader and editor – this is the result. A book of cat haiku. Now published as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

whiskers and purrs

whiskers and purrs 3Amazon.in


I had fun writing it, drawing on all the cats who have stalked through my life, each bringing an special fragrance to it. Each one is an individual and quite a character on her own. I also had fun doing the cover and I quite like the airy feel of it.

World Haiku Review carried a preview of my book HERE with the introduction and some photographs from my large collection just for the preview. There you will see some of the characters who inspired the poems.

Do take a look.