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Finally published.

My first ebook is up. To Catch a Falling Star went up as a ebook online.

24 stories, 14 articles on writing. Notes on all the stories, some of which are published and many unpublished. Do take a look.

edited kindle - small

Its taken me seven months to get this book online but its taken me several years to see self publishing as a viable option and learn what it is like. The seven months is nothing compared to what a publisher would take. It taken me longer since I was feeling my way, trying to find a path and had very little idea of what I was doing.

And there were all those people who told me self publishing is best avoided. Their voices have faded of late and with very good reason. More and more writers are now looking at self publishing as their first option.

And it has been delightful. Fully in my control. My own schedule to tweak as I need. No one to tell me you cant write this, change that. My own cover, my own editing. But a professional company to upload it.

Yes, I definitely recommend it to everyone. Do not wait for anyone’s approval. Do it yourself at your own comfortable pace.

So now here it is. Finally online. Another chapter in the writing journey begins.