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One of the delights of self publishing is that you get to do your own cover. Even if you don’t do the artwork you get to conceptualize it. And the final say is always yours.

This is a very pleasant task especially if you have worked with publishers. Publishers don’t consult lowly writers on the cover. You may not even see it before the book is printed. Worse, you might just hate the cover but you have absolutely no power to change it.

So, doing it myself was a delightful change.

I could have found a cover artist and probably will for the next book, but for this one, I decided to do my own and had lots of fun playing around with my cover.

Here it is. Do take a look and give me some feedback.

The book is called To Catch a Falling Star and its a collection of 24 stories, some published and some unpublished. Also 14 articles on writing, some published. Several years of work in writing, submitting and publishing.

edited kindle - small
For this book, my first ebook I wanted to do everything myself and learn everything by doing it, even if I make mistakes, even if it takes me longer and some parts get quite tedious. In the end it’s immensely satisfying.

The book is done. I am waiting for the two things I opted not to do myself. The blurb and the conversion to ebook kindle format.

The very last lap. I can now see the finish line ahead and the date on it is still June.


What is more this is the hundredth post on this blog, another milestone right next to self publication.