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Mumbai is so full of events that if I went for them all, I would never get any writing done. But there are a few I like to attend and last Friday there were two of them.

Get your coffee, shut out the world and listen to some good poetry. That is Cappuccino Readings at Starbucks, Horniman circle. It was their one year anniversary and so the room was full of poets and poetry lovers. What better way to spend a summer evening?

One year anniversary of Cappuchino Readings

One year anniversary of Cappuccino Readings

A friend, Archana Mehta, held an art exhibition at Coomaraswamy hall, as part of a group exhibit on spiritual art. Mixed media. I specially like the one behind her, the one with the sun. The textures are delightful.

Archana's exhibition

Archana’s exhibition

Both venues are just lovely. The grand old building at Horniman circle where poets read amid Mocha and Ice blends and the wonderful green gardens of the museum complete with a very Mumbai snack of Sev Puri – both are a treat.

A full dinner for the soul.