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This is the part everyone scared me about – dont even think of doing it yourself,  it’s too difficult, get a professional. I thought about that and looked around. I talked to several people. Eventually, I thought, why not give it a go myself. How hard can it be? Let’s try it out.

I downloaded an ebook, Building Your Book for Kindle and followed all the steps, discovering so many things I had no idea about – page layout and page breaks and headers and how to use those formatting marks. To someone who knows this may seem simple but I did not know any of it. To me, it was all a revelation.

It’s not tough at all. It does need patience though and lots of time – maybe that is why so many don’t seem to like it. I don’t mind spending the painstaking hours in formatting and editing – more than worthwhile to get a book at the end of it.

I love it. What do I like about it? Watching the mess of lines and words take shape and begin to resemble an ebook, beginning to turn into something publishable – it’s like watching a baby’s first steps. Who would want to miss it?

Maybe I am enjoying this so much because I never had any of it. When you send a book for publishing there are months, half a year or more, when you just wait, hearing nothing, wondering what they are doing and what kind of cover you will get.

Now I am there, delighting in every step. No matter how many books you write, this will never get old.

I am glad I made the decision to do it myself. The real test will be when I upload it, of course. That is yet to come and I will blog about that too.

I am writing this blog because I could not find anyone to tell me what it was like before I began. So, if you are one of those people, like I was, who is hesitating at the edge of the formatting pool, have no fear, plunge right in and have a blast.