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Almost immediately after I put up the self-publishing post someone asked me, but that is not real publishing, is it?

There is a question here – what is ‘real’ publishing?

Is it ‘real’ publishing when I spend five years researching and writing my book and then have no choice but to give it away for 10%? Is it real then, because if that makes it real do I really want that?

I agree that the success or failure of a book is not decided by the writer. The real question is who decides? Is it a small group of gatekeepers or it is the readers? Is it an elite club or is it everybody? Is it more real because it is approved or because people can lose themselves in its pages?

Living in the biggest democracy in the world, I believe in people power.

Let the readers decide.

Let them have the final say and tell me if it ‘real’ or if I have miles to go before I write the next one. That is real enough for me.