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I have been writing flash fiction – and short stories – for several years now. Some have been published. You’d think it gets easier with practice. Like hitting a ball. After a while you are doing it effortlessly while others look on with envy.

If only that applied to flash fiction – or to writing of any kind. Or even to any creative pursuit. Its almost like every time is your first time – and you are always living dangerously and that’s Why I Write Flash Fiction.

Living Dangerously 3This little piece came easily and I had to do very little revision – quite unlike some stories on which I work through many drafts. I do believe in rewriting and in taking my time over it too. Any piece would feel unfinished without that careful attention. I don’t understand how others say, don’t rewrite. Rewriting makes it shine. Often when reading a story you can tell from the rough edges where the author did not rewrite.

This piece needed only a couple of drafts and that is nothing.

It went up today on Flash Fiction Chronicles. Do take a look.