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Writing is not like bricklaying. There is no ripple of muscles, sweat and grime. The effort is silent and all internal. The work does not show and is so invisible that most people – and even beginning writers – don’t know that it is there.

But yes, it is there. You can count it in years of daily writing, in years of trying to get words right.

Writing a story is not easy, especially when it looks effortless. For some reason, people seem to think it is chance and not work. Oh, so and so was so lucky. Oh, he had the right contact.

Yes, you do get lucky, but only after the years of work. That rule applies, the 10.000 hours of ten years of dedicated effort. To succeed in anything that is what you need, never less, often a lot more.

And it’s exciting. Very exciting. So now it begins all over again, a new year, a new effort and lots more stories to come. This badge from W1S1 says it all.

Write1Sub1 2014 - Best Yet to Come