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October OrchidAnother month spiraling into the past, taking very little published work with it but raining steadily long after monsoon should be over. October heat is here now, baking pavements, shortening tempers, hoping for the long cool days of mild winter.

Diwali is on the way with its noisy fireworks, marigolds and shining rows of oil and wax lamps.

And writing? Its been up and down, as always – growth is never a steady line is it?

Its been two years now since I have been working on flash fiction and short stories. I had no idea when I began, what a long journey this would be. Now, an inbox full of rejections later I have figured it out!

And, while writing fiction I began my second non fiction book.

Mantramala has been selling extremely well, and I get mail from people who loved it too. Spending five years researching it and another five to publish it – worthwhile in the end. Hope to have another book by next year.