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Last year – 2012 – it seemed to me, that everywhere you looked someone was predicting the end of the world.

It will end in May, it will end in October, it will end in December.

The seas will rise, an asteroid will hit, world war 3 will erupt and end all life on this blue planet.

In other words, no one had a clue what might happen but somehow, someway, they believed the old prophecies had singled out this very age to write the human full stop.

People asked me a hundred times, do you think the world is ending? I’d look at their faces. Some were serious. Some were doubtful. Some were fearful – and they all wondered, is it true, will the world end?

Some of them believed it, really believed that the end was near. So, being a fiction writer I wondered, why would they believe such a thing and if they did, what might happen  – from that came this flash fiction story. Every Day Fiction carried it today.

tonight the world ends

“As soon as her husband went into the sitting room, Meera slipped out of the back door. Today of all days, he had come back early, complained he was unwell, shouted, slapped her once and finally gone, grumbling, to watch TV before his dinner at 10 PM.

She had no chance to change out of her red dressing gown and fluffy bedroom slippers. They were awkward to run in but she ran as hard as she could down the uneven pavements………………..”

Read the rest here –

Tonight the World Ends