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The Bombay Gym lit fest – Books and Beyond.

In the morning it seemed that the weather was not a poetry lover. Outside it was pouring, had been pouring since the morning, grey skies, sheets of rain, slick roads, and no cabs.

Here is what it was like, wading ankle deep in water, wet in seconds, and endless downpour.


I sat on the broad verandah of the first floor, overlooking the soggy green, drinking hot coffee and wondering if the only chair filled in the room for the haiku workshop would be my own.


But it was not so. When the time came there were enough people there, an enthusiastic poetry lovers group – and the Books and Beyond festival was up and running.

The next day it was still raining but not so badly. The flash fiction workshop ended with some interesting story ideas, all ready to be written up and submitted someplace.

Friendly organizers, interested audiences, plenty of hot cappuccino and the tireless background music of the rain. Couldn’t have been bettered.

Literary Festival 14 JulyMore rain pictures here