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Books get published and books get lost amid the thousands which are printed every year. Too many titles and too little shelf space. When my book was first published I rarely saw it on the shelves. Bookshops did not reorder. Some did not even take orders.

Like many books it was invisible, the book I had taken five years to research and write and almost as much to get published. Once in print it just disappeared. Sales were good. One or two bookshops  – especially Strand – stocked it and sold it and re-ordered it often. So, if it was selling, where was it?

Three years after publication I found out. Here, in the very first table of Kitab Khana, a friendly and cheerful Mumbai bookshop. Here it is, right at the entrance, on that important first table.

Right in frontAmong the sellers I wanted to see this – I guess every author does – and now I have.

Once a book leaves home for a publisher its like a bird taking flight – you have no idea where it will land – or crash – or go into oblivion. Or sometimes, reappear.

Just goes to show that everything takes its time and every dog has its day.

This one was a really delightful day, and in some sense came full circle, since I am planning to begin another book next week.