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Golden ApplesGolden Apples

“He is late at the supermarket and almost all the fruit is gone. Many trays are empty, leaving only out-of-season mangoes and a few sad pears. At the end are apples: the small, orange ones, and the green, imported ones. In the last tray he finds what he seeks. On the dark red paper are six golden apples, round, shiny and polished, reflecting the ceiling lights.

A big woman is bearing down on them, followed by a small boy. She is heading for the last tray, but he is ahead of her and scoops them quickly up…..”

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My flash fiction story, Golden Apples is up on Linguistic Erosion today. That magazine is amazing. If you submit stories you know that sometimes you have to wait months or even the better part of a year to hear from them.

Not with Linguistic Erosion. I got the email from Editor Earl Wynn the next day and the story was up a week later. Talk about quick.

This story came from a real life experience. The basic story is true, but, of course, fictionalized a bit. Life sometimes gives you wonderful stories – of course you then have to turn them into fiction.