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The December 2012 issue of World Haiku Review is up, and its a big one.

Besides current poetry it has a whole section of 10 articles from the archives – they are not yet on the WHR Archives site and will not be for a month.

Here are the contents :



Haiku page 1 Neo Classical

Haiku page 2 Shintai

Haiku page 3 Vanguard

Editor’s Choice Haiku

Haibun Selection

Kyorai Mukai part 6

From the Editors Desk – A Winter’s Tale of Sorrow

General Common Room– Poems of Anita Virgil and John W Sexton

Haiga by Adelaide Shaw

Special Feature on James W Hackett  (from the archives of the magazine)

James W Hackett by Susumu Takiguchi

Journey to Oiso and the home of R H Blyth

A Personal Conclusion from “That Art Thou: A Way of Haiku”

                                by James W Hackett

The Great Cloud of Witnesses: 

                                R.H. Blyth writes to James W. Hackett

A Personal Haiku Selection, May 2001

A Personal Haiku Selection, August 2001

A Personal Selection, November 2001

Reflections and Suggestions for creating haiku poetry in English

R H Blyth and J W Hackett

James W Hackett by Debra Bender