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MantramalaMy book is out, Mantramala, on the subject of Sanskrit mantras.

Published by Dronequill publishers.

307 pages, over 400 mantras, ten years of study.

Mantras in Sanskrit Devnagri script, also English transliteration and, of course, English  translation.  Details of how to use the mantras and visualisations with them.

A review of the book by Shri M.V. Kamath is here :


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About the book

The name Mantramala comes from the beads, the mala which is commonly used for mantras. It has 108 beads and this book is divided into  108 sections. Here are the contents.


Book 1.
The Meaning of Mantras.
The Practice of Mantras.

Book 2.
Daily shlokas.
1. Early morning.
2. Morning shlokas.
3. Space clearing.
4. Tulsi and peepal.
5. Prayers to the sun.
6. Prayers to the light.
7. To charge water.
8. To energize food and medicine.
9. Before sleeping.

Book 3.
Deity mantras.

Goddess Mantras.
10. Saraswati mantras.
11. Saraswati names, festival.
12. Durga mantras.
13. Durga names, festival.
14. Nav varna mantra.
15. Navratri mantras.
16. Laxmi mantras.
17. Ashta laxmi mantras.
18. Laxmi names, festival.
19. Gayitri.
20. Pranayam and the long Gayitri.
21. Gayitri samputs.
22. Kali mantras.
23. Devi Gayitris.
24. Mahavidhyas.
25. Mantras from the Lalita Sahasranaam.
26. Other Devis.
27. Bija mantras.

The Gods.
28. Ganesh mantras.
29. Ganesh festivals and names.
30 Shiva mantras.
31. Shiva names and festivals.
32. Jyotirlingas.
33. Mrityunjay mantra.
34. Variations of Mrityunjay.
35. Krishna mantras.
36. Krishna festivals.
37. Ram mantras.
38. Variations of Ram mantras.
39. Vishnu mantras.
40. Hanuman mantras.
41. Hanuman names and festivals.
42. Surya mantras.
43. Surya names and festivals.
44. Other Gods.
45. Dev Gayitris.
46. Gayitris of the elements.
47. Other Gayitris.
48. One verse Bhagvad and Ramayan and Chandi.
49. The Guru Tradition.

Book 4. A Collection of Mantras.

Festivals and planets.
50. The Hindu Calendar.
51. The Festivals.
52. Akshay Trutiya and Guru Purnima.
53. Raksha Bandhan and Shraddha.
54. Mantras for the Planets.
55. Nav graha mantras.
56. Sun sign mantras.
57. Laxmi mantras for the sun signs.
58. Vastu mantras.
59. Rudraksha mantras.
60. Gems for the planets.

Mantras for a Happy Family Life.
61. Mantras for marriage.
62. A Happy married life.
63. When you want a child.
64. For the welfare of children.
65. For love, romance and great sex.
66. For a happy family.

Mantras for wealth and business.
67. Mantras for wealth.
68. Two mantras for good business.
69. Two mantras for sudden gain.
70. To end debts.
71. To remove obstacles.
72. Two mantras for Karya siddhi, success in work.
73. For victory.
74. Prestige, status, high position.

Knowledge, the arts and fame.
75. To begin education.
76. Success in mental work.
77. Success in arts.
78. Vedic mantras for fame.
79. To develop intuition and dream answers.
80. Psychic powers.
81. Kundalini mantras.
82. Chakra bija mantras.

Protection, power, self confidence.
83. Mantras for protection.
84. Strong protection.
85. Protection from spirits, black magic.
86. Mantras to say in troubled times.
87. To overcome fear.
88. Mantras to control anger and worries.
89. Power, confidence.
90. A Kavach.
91. Making a protective amulet.

Health and healing.
92. Radiant health and energy.
93. Mantras for ailments.
94. For healers.
95. Two mantras for good sleep.
96. Positive Energy and vitality.
97. For a fit and strong body.
98. Beauty.
99. To improve one’s personality and gain charisma.
100. To achieve all wishes.

Happiness, peace and realization.
101. Power of Om.
102. Happiness and Friendship.
103. Vedic prayer for long life.
104. Two positive thinking mantras from the Vedas.
105. Prayers for realisation.
106. Prayers to the divine.
107. Kshama prathana.
108. Shanti mantras.

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