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Published in Heron’s Nest, World Haiku Review, Bottlerockets, Mainichi Daily, Muse India, Chrysanthemum.

Some Haiku are here :

World Haiku club Award

Toshiko award Haiku 

Haiku on the topic ‘Death of one’s Beloved’

One of my haiku was included in the Best of 2011 by Mainichi Daily.

My haiku on Mainichi daily English haiku, 20 Feb 2013


and some Haiku with photographs – Haiga :

From the Desk of the Editors

Six Haiga – From the Editors Desk

(Haiga are photos with a haiku – one thumbnail is below)


Haiku Listing in the Haiku foundation



Renku is a form of collaborative poetry.

Floating on the Wind, a Triparshva renku.

In Thanal online website

A Yotsumono, a renku between two people.

In Sketchbook

Entwined in Ivy, a Rokku

In Notes for the Gean

Other Renku published in the Journal of Renga and Renku, issue 1 and 2.