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Writerly Places 2 : Marble steps, coffee trees and a pool

marble by the pool

(When you are a writer and your most inseparable companion is a notebook and pen, then you are always looking for writerly places where you can sit and make a few stray notes. Jot down a few lines of a poem or story, or a half sentence of heard conversation, make a quick sketch, or put down that idea which has been at the back of your mind ever since you woke up in the morning.

So here is a series of writerly places which I have found on my travels. This is the second post.)

The hill station of Madikeri – Coorg (South India) – a place of coffee estates and curving roads lined with wildflowers. Wherever you look there are miles of coffee bushes interspersed with tall trees whose trunks are entwined with pepper vines. In the estates there are gaping mud holes where wild elephants have trampled through, leaving muddy trenches behind.

These white marble steps are at the Wildflower Resort, which has its own coffee estate. The pool is a quiet one, unless full of honking ducks. Otherwise it is visited by the blue flash of kingfisher, red headed woodpeckers and hornbills, and surrounded by large statures of frogs.

A lovely place to sit with a notebook for a while, with just the sounds of nature and the peace of the hills. Then when the page is filled there is always an excellent cup of coffee waiting – a perfect way to spend a writerly day.