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Writerly Places : Tea shop in the Himalayas


When you are a writer and your most inseparable companion is a notebook and pen, then you are always looking for writerly places where you can sit and make a few stray notes. Jot down a few lines of a poem or story, or a half sentence of heard conversation, make a quick sketch, or put down that idea which has been at the back of your mind ever since you woke up in the morning.

So here is a series of Writerly places which I have found on my travels. This is the first post. Several more to come.

This one is in Manali, India, high up in the Himalayas. A small tea shop with a view – a couple of rustic tables at the very edge of the mountain. Sitting there with a cup of hot sweet tea you can see right down into the valley, where the river Beas runs like a silver thread and the tiny dots are houses and cars.

Its one of my favorite photographs of writerly places. Can you just imagine opening to a fresh, clean page in the cool mountain air, sitting there, the wind in your face, with the whole world at your feet?