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table ganesh

Can you write and blog at the same time? For a long time I was not sure. Blogging takes time, and all time is writing time. Will it cut too much into other writing?

I have a blog at ‘rohinigupta.wordpress.com’, but it’s not strictly a writing blog. More like a place where I put my photos and notes of my travels and whatever other interesting things I come across. For a couple of years, two books (one unpublished) and a lot of others things – it worked. Now I am writing fiction and perhaps I do need a writing blog after all, so here it is.

This one is about my journey with fiction and poetry, starting with flash fiction, going on to novels and working on non-fiction in between. Collecting pieces for this blog I discovered how much there is which I can write about. So here I am, adding one more thing to an already busy schedule and enjoying it.

Welcome to my writing blog.